Available paintings - Still life

"Moments of Glad Grace"
watercolor  11x7", framed to 20x16"


"Fruits of Life and Beauty" 
watercolor  9x10"

This painting is currently in an exhibition. Please contact me to purchase, and I will direct you to the gallery.


"Organic #1"
watercolor 8.5x9", framed to 20x20"


"3 Macs"  $650
watercolor  11x11" framed to 20x20"


"Flight of Fancy"  $250, unframed
watercolor 8x11"


"Glass Collection"  $750
watercolor   8x13" , framed to 16x20"


"With Thy Soft Sun" $1800
watercolor, 13x27", framed to 22x36"


"My Heart Sings"  $750
watercolor  10x8"
framed to 18x16"

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