Available paintings - Marbles

"Movements of a Larger Symphony"  oil on copper  $850


"Dancing With the Stars"  watercolor  6.5x9"  SOLD


"Great Expectations" oil on linen  4x4" (SOLD)


"A Touch of Blue"  watercolor 6x6", framed


"Blues Festival"  
 watercolor 12x12", framed to 20x20"


"Degrees of Illumination"
watercolor  30x22", framed to 38x30"


"Outside Influences"
oil on canvas, 8x24"


"Practice Compassion"  
watercolor  14x14", framed to 24x24"


"Rhythm and Blues"  
 watercolor  8x10"  
$650, framed


"When Dreams Come"  
oil on canvas  12x12"


Chorus Line (SOLD)
oil on linen 6x6" 

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